Monday, November 5, 2007

Progress and Pillows

Hope Perches is coming along, with three lines of the words just about done. I'm quite enjoying stitching this, and am now seeing how the birds stand out even though the blues look similar up close. It's such a pretty little design; I may have to do some of the other Literary Littles that are available.
Though I've decided to frame this when it's finished (I can't resist the idea of seeing it on a wall), I have been wondering what I would do if I were to make it into a pillow. The thing I can't figure out is how you make sure the design is straight when you sew the backing fabric together with the design material. I assume you do it inside out and then turn it rightside out, but I'm stumped as to a method of ensuring everything is lined up properly. So if any of you more experienced stitchers have any tips, I would be very grateful!

I wish I had a stitching group (or even friends that stitch!) For the past few days I had an old friend visiting from Minnesota; she is a knitter and a needlepointer, and we had such a companionable time sitting together and working on our respective projects. Well, at least reading blogs fills a bit of that need for me - it's such fun to look at all the beautiful projects out there, and dream of what I might be able to do one day if only I can stick with it!