Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub

Wash Day
Carriage House Samplings
WDW 30 count parchment

I just finished working on this piece, my first CHS design. I saw it on someone's blog and fell in love with it, and was lucky to find it in the designer's Etsy shop. It was a quick and fun stitch. I'm now in between projects - I had to special order some linen from Picture This Plus for the dandelion project I plan to do, so in the meantime I've been looking through JCS ornament magazines for something to fill in the time. I have issues from 2006 on (plus 2004, which I bought on eBay so I could stitch the LHN Woodland Snowfall ornament), and in looking back through them, I noticed that it is only recently that they started giving DMC conversions for most of the charts. I love overdyed threads and prefer to stitch with them when possible, but it's nice to have the DMC information when you don't have the needed floss and don't have an LNS close by to pop into. I found an ornament to stitch from a couple of years ago - just an easy one - and while it uses threads I mostly don't have, I think I can do a conversion of my own with my little stash of overdyes. So that's what I'm off to do.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Marvelous Night for a Moondance

By the Full Moon
Tracy Horner/Ink Circles
JCS September/October 2010
28 count Sand (I think) linen
CC Gingersnap and Fallen Leaves/WDW Raven

This is my first real Halloween project and it was such fun to stitch! But boy did I count carefully over and over so I'd make sure the trees and cats were symmetrical.
This fabric is cut on the bias so the pumpkins would be horizontal instead of diagonal. So don't look too close at the grain!

I loved this curvy trim. It was my first time making a bow like this. I really wanted two loops on each side but the trim was too thick for that.

Vonna's Harvest Fairy took pity on me and made a brief stop at my house. I think she was a little tired after all her hard work at Vonna's, so she didn't stay long, but she did fix up this little table for me.

In other stitching news, I've been working on LHN's Singing the Blues. I'm not that happy with it - the variagation in the blue silk floss isn't very pronounced like the stitched model is - I probably should have stopped and bought a new skein. My LNS is out of the Tulip silk I need to finish the piece, so it's kind of on hiatus. I hope it doesn't become a UFO. I always like stitching with silk, though, so hopefully I'll finish it up.

Lastly, here's Do It Well framed. My husband seemed pleased and he did acknowledge that the sentiment fits him to a T!