Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Return to Celebration of Needlework

This past weekend was my second time at Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, New Hampshire. This time I took two classes, both with Elizabeth Talledo of Dames of the Needle, who was a wonderful instructor. The first project was called Dauphin House Sewing Box (the picture of the finished project is from the Celebration website):

We coffee-dyed the linen and worked on the roof - it was nice to get a refresher course is blanket stitching.

The second class showed us how to make this lovely Zen Rabbit Sewing Purse (project photo again from the Celebration website):

We worked on putting together the orange suede scissor case (the kit included darling rabbit scissors!) and Elizabeth showed us how to make twisted cording on her awesome cording maker (I ordered one - I've always been afraid to try to do this, and her system makes it very easy).

I spent far too much money in the vendor area, but came away with some wonderful stash: several pieces of beautiful linen from a company called DoveStitch, two kits for over-one stitching (one is on silk gauze, which I've never tried), a chart called Antique Evergreen Sampler by Elizabeth's Designs which I fell in love with, and all the supplies for Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler, which I always regretted not buying when it came out. Sorry for the glare on the photos!

I also came home with a lot of free charts which were left in the lobby for stitchers to take. So I have enough projects to keep busy until Celebration 2014 and then some!

Meanwhile, though I haven't posted since the February blizzard (I was surprised to see how long it had been), I've been stitching away and have a couple of finishes to show for it.

Saltbox Village
Little House Needleworks

Dream Big
Country Cottage Needleworks

Dream Big is a birthday present for a friend of my son's, who has a pet rabbit, and once asked me if I would stitch him a bunny. I need to figure out how to finish it before I give it to him.

I'm almost finished with LHN's The Needleworker, which has been very enjoyable to work on. Once I finish the border I'll post a picture. And now, back to that blanket stitch...