Friday, October 31, 2008

Missing in (non) Action

Hello everyone - remember me? It's been a long time since I've visited with any of you. I'm sorry to have been so quiet but I haven't had much to show for my silence. Here's my little fox - it still needs backstitched grass, but the leaves are all done. I really enjoyed working on him - now he needs to be turned into something so I can keep him around while I stitch.

I bought a pair of those DMC marbleized scissors and stitched a small peacock (from the Gift of Stitching Historical Sampler series) to go with it. It was supposed to be a scissor fob but it's a bit too big, so I need to make a little pyn pillow. I've never made one and have to figure out how to measure properly so my pillow doesn't turn out lopsided - any suggestions? I don't exactly know how to start. I think I need to start a new blog called Fear of Finishing - no similarity to another well-known blog intended ;--) Couldn't one of you magically transport yourself to my house, and show me how to do it? I promise I'll feed you well...