Wednesday, April 15, 2015

When Last I Spoke...

Has it really been since September when I was quoting Abraham Lincoln (not) and vowing that I had more to post? Time flies when one is stitching but not blogging. Today is a sad anniversary for poor Honest Abe, and I am raising a virtual glass to his memory while trying to catch up on what's been happening in my stitching world. Without further ado:

Pear XI Freebie
Samplers and Santas
28 count Mello PTP/DMC

Check out the link and you'll find an abundance of free pear-shaped designs. I'm about to start my second - loved stitching this!

I'll Get You My Kitty
Country Rustic Primitives
32 count Doubloon PTP/Sullivan's black floss

It's always so nice when I find the perfect backing fabric! Filled with crushed walnut shells - I bought a big bag from Amazon since the lizard section of the pet stores no longer seems to have them, at least in my area. It was a lot cheaper too!

Miss Witchy Mouse
Just Nan
32 count Clay linen/DMC and beads

This was such fun to stitch and to finish - the directions were great. I know she's supposed to be a Halloween decoration, but she's one that's staying out all year round!

Turtles All the Way Down
Ink Circles
27 count Celery Banding/DMC Color Variations

I bought all the charted floss for this (mostly greens and blues), then saw someone's version done with Color Variations, and had to follow suit. I hadn't been sure how to finish it, and then found the bell pull hardware at the Online Needlework Show. It's backed with variegated green felt.

Love You to the Moon and Back
Bucilla Kit
Babbling Brook Jobelan/Kit threads

I made this for my son for Christmas - at 15 his days of fascination with spaceships are behind him, I'm afraid, but hopefully he still appreciates the sentiment.

Prairie Grove Peddler Freebie
Light Mocha Belfast/GAST, CC and WKS (my conversion)

I stitched this while I was at Celebration of Needlework last year; it still needs something around the edges. I'm signed up for a Beginning Hardanger class at this year's Celebration, which I'm very excited about. I always wanted to try it but could never make heads nor tails of the diagrams in magazines, so I'm hoping to learn by watching someone do it. If anyone will be at Celebration I'll be there Friday to Saturday, and I'd love to meet you!