Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

A few months ago Rachael, a lovely editor from the British stitching magazine Cross Stitch Collection contacted me to ask whether I would be willing to have my blog featured in an upcoming issue. I was, to put it mildly, quite surprised; I'm neither a prolific stitcher nor blogger though I'm certainly an enthusiastic one. But CSC is my favorite of all the British cross stitching magazines, and I decided to accept the honor, Rachael sent me a questionnaire to fill out and asked for photos of my cross stitch pieces; it was fun deciding which ones to submit. The October issue has just been published in the UK. It usually arrives in the US a few weeks later, so I haven't actually seen it yet, but Rachael sent me a PDF of the article, and I did pinch myself a bit to see it in print; here is an image of it (you can click on it to make it larger):

To anyone who finds my blog through reading my profile - welcome! I really do mean what I said in answering the last question - if you are hesitating on starting your own blog, don't - you'll never regret it! And do check out  Cross Stitch Collection - in the US it can usually be found at Barnes & Noble.

I have a few more things to show since my last post, starting with this one:
Hinzeit Charmed Sampler
28 Count Mushroom Evenweave
DMC 310

My son plays trumpet in the high school marching band. Initially I was making this for his music teacher, but it has ended up on a wall in my son's room (a bit of a contrast to the Pink Floyd poster!) I bought the musical charms on eBay, and used museum glass for the framing so that they can be seen clearly (it's also almost a shadow box frame).  Sorry that the picture shows some glare from the glass as I took it outside in the sun. Again, clicking on the photo enlarges it so you can see the charms.

You Are So Loved
The Snowflower Diaries
Freebie found here
Peach Edinborough linen
CC, GAST, WDW (my own conversion)

Here's something else I made for my son. On the back I stitched the same border and his initials, adding a little filigree heart charm. He's become a teenager with a vengeance, so I hope he'll remember to look at this after we've had the inevitable spats.

Heart in Hand
R&R Flax Fields Belfast
DMC and CC

I made this for someone who had gone the extra mile for me, but I need to finish it before I give it to her. I already have the fabric to use. My son has an all-day band competition on Saturday, so that might be a good day to get it done.

That's all for now - I'll try to post the rest of my finishes very soon.