Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little More Stitching

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to try for a bigger project, but meanwhile here's what I've been doing. I put a border around the peacock, which I think makes it look more interesting. Now I just have to try the pillow finish. Carol R. has sent me excellent directions and now it is up to me.
And I've picked up Schoolgirl Lessons again. This is the perfect easy stitch for an anxious stitcher like me. I'm trying hard to avoid making mistakes, because the floss leaves a pinkish tinge whenever it is frogged out. We are traveling to New Jersey for Thanksgiving next week and I'll take my little schoolgirl along for some turkey.
In thinking about trying something more advanced, I've got questions as always. Does anyone have any advice about keeping control when you have a lot of different floss to use in a project? This is baffling me at the moment. It's one thing to keep the floss in bags or rings with floss tags at the start, but what happens once you start cutting the floss and are in the process of using different colors? How do you keep it all straight? Once you start unwinding a skein of floss it isn't easy to keep it neat when you are cutting lengths to use, and multiplying by several colors just winds up in a mess, at least at my house! I am interested in learning about your systems - there must be a better way to do it than living in floss chaos (hmmm, Floss Chaos - another name for a blog for me!)