Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finishing Duo

At long last, I finished the two pieces I've been working on for, well, ages. First up is Always and Forever, complete with initials. I can't tell you how much trouble they gave me. Stitching with half a brain tends to do that. First I stitched the m where the b was supposed to be, then I aligned the tops of the letters instead of the bottom. I hosted so many frogs that I practically had to feed them! My husband's initials behaved themselves better - maybe they know this is part of his Father's Day present. For a different take on this design, visit Sweet Pea Stitches - she made some neat changes for her anniversary gift.
Always and Forever
Little House Needleworks
Crescent Colours Mer Blue
28 count unknown linen

And I finally completed Moon and Stars! I'm over the moon about that - pun intended. The house might be a little shaky and the stars a little weird, but I really enjoyed this one. If I had it to do over, though, I might make the bottom border yellower, to pick up the color of the moon (the floss is called Ginger Snap - I love that name) - the white jumps off the linen a bit much, but hey, it's done and I'm happy with it. I only have one more LHN chart in my stash now - Dear Diary Abigail Winslow. Being from the Boston area it seems only fitting that I stitch this one. Guess I will have to stock up on more LHNs (it's my civic duty, you know).
Moon and Stars
Little House Needleworks
Crescent Colours Threads
28 count Silvery Moon linen

Speaking of stash, I started a wishlist so I can keep track of what I want to stitch. The trouble is there are too many blogs with wonderful stitching to tempt me. The enabling around here has just got to stop!

I'm off to see Star Trek, making the reason I'm a mother one very excited little boy. Happy Mothers's Day to all of you!