Saturday, August 25, 2007

My First Comment!

It was so exciting to check my blog and find a comment from Su there! She is the first person ever to comment; it's especially meaningful coming from someone whose work I admire so much. Su, I really appreciate your encouragement and will try to keep all this in perspective. I once read an article by Anne Morrow Lindbergh entitled The Journey not the Arrival Matters, and I think that is a good motto for me to remember when I fall into the trap of comparing what I do to those who are so much more experienced than I am.

I did get back on the horse and continued with my work on SHS. I've completed the house and the ABC lettering. As I mentioned before, I used the wrong thread for the window panes; the gray color was the one used in the instructions, not the light brown. For now I'm going to leave it be and live with it awhile. The gray would make the windows seem so dark and I rather like a lighter look, but as I progress I'll decide if frogging is in my future.

The house looks a little slanted to one side, but I hope I can rectify that when I finish the piece. Next up is the flowerpot with the heart above it. It's sometimes a challenge to figure out what sections to do in what order, but this seems like it will make the counting easier so I properly place the stitches. On Where There is Life (I'll post a progress picture of that soon) I somehow started the border in too close to the design. It's salvageable but won't look as nice as if I'd counted correctly. But I'm so far into it that I'm just going to plunge ahead.

I'm off to take out my contact lenses and try some close range stitching. I can see everything so much better when I do this and it means I don't have to use the magnifier, but I sure look funny holding the fabric up to my nose!


Susimac said...

Hey Michelle, its looking good, changing the window colour looks fine to me - I'm always changing colours from whats asked for to suit me thats the great fun of stitching and what makes each piece so unique to each of us. I'm glad that you are continuing on and that you have got over your feeling of discouragement, remember we all had to learn at some point and we all make mistakes, thats the fun of it and the feeling we get when a piece is finished is wonderful - it gives me a real buzz I can tell you!!
Also I meant to say - Welcome to the blogging land its a nice place to visit!

Casa Pearl said...

Your piece is looking quite nice Michele. And I had to laugh about your stitching without your contacts as I do the exact same thing! My vision is so much better but I have the piece about a half inch from my nose. Keep up the good work - practice makes perfect you know! Patti

Barbara said...

Hiya Michelle,

I am coming from Su's blog :) Welcome to blogland!

You've got some great stitching going on there! In fact I've just finished the LHN freebie and it's really lovely piece. If you don't prefer to frog the windows, leave it. It is YOUR piece, do whatever pleases you!! :D

Jenn said...

Hi Michelle! Your piece looks fine with the different color for the windows. I always say it's never 'my piece' till I make a mistake or change something.

You mentioned Hoops and Needeles. I know that's in Mass so your near me. I'm in CT where are you? Feel free to drop me a line I'd love to chat. My e-mail is in my side bar under 'About Me"

Patti said...

Hi Michelle, your stitching sure is looking good. You simply can't be the slowest stitcher ever because I am. But then again I spend much too much time on this darn computer.

When I first started stitching around 10 years ago I tried every frame known to man and have ended up stitching in hand because that is the way I am most comfortable doing it. So you will find out your own way and if you need any advice on frames just email me (my email address is on my blog) and I'll tell you what I have found out.

I used to be really scared of finishing but now I just do it and hope it comes out ok. I am about to finish three things so look out on my blog over the next few days to see what this scaredy has finished.

Like Su - welcome to Blogging Land it really is a nice place to visit.

staci said...

Hello Michelle, I found a link to your blog from su! Your stitching is looking great--don't be too hard on yourself :) There are no stitching police :) I think that we all have moments of frustration, but I like to think it says something great about our character when we're able to work thru it :) I haven't tried all the incredible finishing techniques that I've seen yet, but I'm attempting to! The best thing I've found about blogs is that they inspire me to push myself and try new things :)

Andrea said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I came via Su's blog to have a nosey. All your work looks great. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.

Vonna said...

I love LHN patterns as we have a common interest! You'll have to come on by my blog sometime and take a gander! I've got you on my reader, so I'll be back when you update next :)
Again many warm welcomes!

Stitchingranny said...

Always nice to have yet another stitchy blog to look at so I shall put you in bloglines so I know when you update Michelle.

Sharon said...

Hi Michelle, welcome to blogging! Don't get discouraged-even those who have stitched awhile get those moments. I think your piece looks great-keep it up and it will be fine. Looking forward to seeing more projects from you. Cute name for your blog too.

Katrina said...

Very sweet! I love those little designs and it looks great.

ollie1976 said...

Welcome to the blog world!

Jackie in UK said...

Hi Michelle!

I also came over from Su's site. Your stitching is looking lovely. I have this LHN freebie to do soon - I like a lot of the LHN stuff too! Sometimes I feel like the slowest stitcher in the world when I see how much stuff other people get through, but it doesn't really matter as long as I live long enough to stitch a fraction of my stash....should only need to live until I am 202..... LOL

Jackie x