Friday, October 12, 2007

A little progress

I'm enjoying working on this little design a lot. And so far I've counted everything perfectly! I have started wondering how to finish this. I'd like to learn how to make a needlebook but I'm not sure if it's the right shape or if it's too big. Maybe I will try a pinkeep even though it isn't exactly square. At least I'm thinking about finishing something!

I don't know what I am doing wrong with the photos I'm taking or the images when I scan. They don't seem nearly as clear as other pictures I see on blogs. So if anyone has any tips on what they do to make their photos look good, I am all ears. Maybe it's a blogger thing rather than my photos. I use the medium picture setting. The image always goes to the top of the page and I have to drag it into place. Is it just me or is blogger not for the faint of heart?


staci said...

Your WIP is coming right along, looks great!

As for the photos, I am very un-technilogical (if that's even a term!)

ps. thanks for your sweet comment on Vonna's blog--I've been out of town and have been getting caught up on all the blogs :)

Kathy said...

Great progress!! Looking good.

I am not much help on pictures. Most of my are downloaded off my digital camera. Hopefully someone else will have soem advice for you.

Katrina said...

Your WIP is cute.

Most digital Cameras have a close-up function. The button usually looks like a little flower.

Vonna said...

Blogger is not for the faint of heart but you soon just learn how to do it after some trial and error...or at least I did ;)

I think that your little design is gorgeous...I love it...who is the designer?

Vonna said...

Never mind...I found out who designed it! thanks...I may have to send off for's a cutie ;)

Sally said...

Your new WIP is coming along nicely:)

I'm not good with photos either! Are you uploading them from a photo hosting site or from your PC?

Ranae said...

Hi! Love this design.
Can't help you with the photo's, sometimes mine never come out like they should,lol.

Mindi said...

Love the design your stitching now. I don't think a pinkeep has to be square, I've seen all sorts of shapes.