Sunday, February 3, 2008

Border Blues

This new stitcher has made quite a newbie mistake. I'm working on a little design for my blog header, which has a border. I got all the sides to match up, but it didn't take long for my self-congratulations to dissipate. I stitched nearly a quarter of the design before I realized that I had turned the block of linen the wrong way, and my stitching goes in a different direction from the border stitches. This is always what you get warned about in cross stitch lessons - make sure your stitches all go the same way. Sigh. I could frog it all out and start afresh but I don't have the heart to do it. So I'm going to continue, hoping that it won't be noticeable on my blog. Can anyone tell what I'm stitching yet? I'm using Spinach by Crescent Colours and I like the variegated look in the design.
I read this post by Deb of Lavender Rose Ramblings after I discovered my error, and its wisdom helped me get a bit of perspective on this latest debacle. I urge anyone who has ever been discouraged to read it.


Linen Stitcher said...

Ah, Michele, don't frog, don't re-stitch, just keep going. In the end, you may be the only one who notices (that's often the case with stitching mistakes). The good thing is, You may never make the same mistake again on a much larger, much more intricate piece or on one that you really want to be perfect. So think of this piece as an investment to gain more experience, and just enjoy it!

Ranae said...

Most times it is a kept secret betwen the needle and stitcher, lol.
Most people never notice a mistake till it is pointed out.
You will probably never make that mistake again. I have made plenty over the years. I once had a odd piece and stitched alot before I realized I would not have enough fabby for the length of the design, now I always double check.
I dont know what it is. Pretty spinach color though.

Kathy said...

Don't worry no one is going to send the Stitch Police after you. Just keep stitching and make it work. No one is going to go on your blog and check it against the pattern. This is your own little touch to the work.

Nicki said...

Yes, keep going! If you hadn't told us we probably wouldn't have noticed :) A lot (if not all!) of my pieces have a little mistake in them somewhere :)

If you're working on a symmetrical piece it's easy to get it turned round. Put a stitch or mark on the fabric at the top so you know which way is up quickly!

Jennifer said...

I realized I was changing the directions of my stitches when I was working on a biscornu. It was easier for me to follow the design if I turned the frame, but I forgot to keep the direction of the stitches the same. You know who noticed? Only me.

Sally said...

As everyone else has said just keep going. I have no idea what it is so will be watching to see:)

staci said...

It looks great as is :) I think we all make mistakes, and usually no one else ever notices even though it always looks like an eyesore to the stitcher!

When I make mistakes, I pretend to be Amish--you know, purposely drop a stitch so as not to be perfect like God. Of course, I never have to do it on purpose, lol!!!

Kim said...

I did the same thing recently on an Eeyore kit that I did on my flights to and from France. By the time I noticed the change I did too many stitches to frog, so I kept going. In my case it's only noticeable when I hold my stitching up to the light. I think you'll be fine if you post it on your blog. And like these ladies have said, better to make the mistake on a small piece now than a bigger one later.

I really like that green! Waiting impatiently to see the finished product :-)