Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please welcome a new stitcher and blogger!

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend Kim, who has just started a blog called Stitchful Thinking (great name!) Kim only started stitching in December and already has made more than a few lovely pieces. Kim wrote to me after finding my beginning stitcher blog, and now she's decided to join me in chronicling the journeys of a new stitcher. I am so excited to have company in cyberspace! She has said some very nice things about me helping her on her blog, but I think of anything I have been able to assist her with as my own version of Pay It Forward. All of you have been so wonderful in answering my questions and giving me encouragement, and it's nice to pass what I've learned on to someone else. Please join me in welcoming Kim to the world of stitching bloggers. I love her first entries and her blog is well worth a read from the beginning. Make sure to encourage her about taking the linen plunge! ;--)


Kathy said...

I just popped over and welcomed Kim. Thanks for introducing us. Like I told her I am always available to help whenever I can.


Kim said...

Maybe I'm slow but I just noticed your new sidebar. It looks great! :-D

Kim said...

Thanks for the mention Michele! You were absolutely correct - everyone really is so friendly!!