Saturday, March 29, 2008

Button, Button Who's Got the Button?

Thanks to Carol's excellent suggestion I now have a finished pinkeep that looks like the buttons are sewed on. Thank you so much, Carol, and all of you who helped me decide what to do. I like the pinkeep a lot better with the buttons, and the ecru thread I used for the "sewing" adds an extra little touch that breaks up the color just enough. I've emailed Becky to see if I can join the Monthly Finishing Challenge, even though the next challenge is a needleroll, which I find rather daunting. But if I don't try things I'll never learn, right?

As I was uploading the picture I just got a request from DS - he wants me to make him a pinkeep with a picture of R2-D2 on it. Now where am I going to find a chart for that? ;--)


lena-lou said...

I think your Pinkeep looks just smashing with the buttons on too, you have made a beautiful job of it :))

As for R2-D2 Hmmmm dunno !!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Kathy said...

Ah!! A completely finished finish and it looks awesome. Just like you intended for it to look.

R2D2, never seen anything using him before.

Carol R said...

An excellent job Michele - well done - just like those buttons were meant to be there! I use either a toothpick or a cotton bud when using glue as you have more control of where it goes. I look forward to seeing more of your stitching projects.

Sally said...

Your pinkeep is absolutely gorgeous! The buttons really finish it off nicely.

Just seen your previous post about Gingher scissor. My DH bought me a pair for Christmas a few years ago and I love them. They are really sharp!

Kim B said...

That looks great Michele! I'm so glad you joined the Monthly Finishing Challenge. I was so scared to join but figured - what the hey!

I think you're on your own for R2-D2 :)

Ranae said...

Beautiful pinkeep, love the color. I am sure your needleroll will be just as fabulous.

Sharon said...

Lovely pinkeep! Great job!

staci said...

Fantastic job Michele :)

Yuko said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog, Michele!
Oh this beautiful pinkeep was yours!
I also saw this on Monthly Finishing Challenge page, and was thinking it's so beautiful!
I love four corners buttons, and thought a nice idea, but didn't know the story behind!
I also love backing fabric, too!

Michele said...

woo hoo! congrats on finishing your first pinkee! it's great :) love the buttons!

lol .. if you find R2 D2 let me know .. my youngest DS has been a huge fan for years :)

K in NY said...

Love the pinkeep!!!

No luck finding an R2D2 chart for you, but I found the cutest hat. Do you knit?

K in NY said...

Oh cool, I'm glad that worked out. If you need/want knitting advice, feel free to email me... or go sign up for Ravelry! Even if you're just a sometimes knitter, it's the most amazing website I've ever seen. It took me 1 minute to search for R2D2 in their pattern database (they have EVERYTHING), and I got 4 unique results (the one I linked you to was by far the cutest). Ok, end rant here. Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with this website? ;)