Friday, March 28, 2008

Opin(keep)ions please!

I made my second pinkeep out of my JBW Designs French Country Apple, but I had a problem along the way. I glued the batting to the cardboard but didn't let it dry long enough before I stretched the stitched piece over the batting. The glue went through it and then through the stitching, so in three of four corners you can see and feel some glue residue. It's not awful but it's definitely noticeable. Here's what it looks like (my apologies for not getting the cording bow to scan in a very good place):

JBW Designs French Country Apple
28 count cashel
DMC floss

The brownish spots in the corners are where the glue is. I had an idea for how to disguise it but would love some opinions. I looked for some apple-shaped buttons but couldn't find anything that fit, soI bought some burgundy buttons and I thought I could put one in each corner and glue them down. Would that look weird? I can't decide whether to do it or not. Maybe I should just live with it as is? You all helped Kim decide about the pink ribbon on her gorgeous first pinkeep, so I'm hoping you can help me as well.

Here's the back of the pinkeep (I really love this fabric):

I've been considering joining the Monthly Finishing Challenge, even though all I've finished so far are pinkeeps, but I'd like to resolve my glue dilemma first and make it look better. I'm kind of nervous to make the commitment to this but it sure would make me try harder to conquer my fear of finishing! My scissor fob backstitching is finished and I got the ribbon for the loop to attach it. That's next on my agenda.

Now I have a scissors question - are Gingher's the best embroidery scissors to buy? So many people seem to have them but they are quite expensive and my little cheapo from Joann's seems to work okay. Maybe I'm just afraid to start another addiction!


Anonymous said...

The buttons sound like they might just do the trick. Perhaps you could take a picture with them to show us what it would look like... Love that backing fabric BTW!!
Not sure what the fuss about those scissors is... well, apart from the fact that some of those designs are so darn pretty! If your scissors do the job that's the main thing, right!?
Have a great weekend!!

mercy said...

I agree with the first comment (well not about the scissors I'm a certified scissor whore LOL)
My question is where are you displaying it? I have a flat fold that my cousin spilled soda on the bottom and I couldn't get the stain out so I just put something in front of it (it's on a corner on the bottom) so you can't really see it. Maybe put a button on the top corner and then place it in a basket where the bottom doesn't show?

Back to scissors...I don't know if Ginghers are the best to be honest but they are pretty. If you sign up to the Joann's newsletter you can use the 40% (sometimes 50%) coupon to get them. I have all types of scissors (cheap and not so cheap) and I love them all!

Kim B said...

Buttons sounds good to me!

Thanks for calling my pinkeep "gorgeous." I wouldn't go that far but it looks okay :)

Join the Monthly Finishing Challenge! You aren't obligated to do every single challenge. I'm using it to force me into trying different techniques!

I love love love this design! I need to get some of these JBW design.

Kathy said...

Nice stitched piece. There are some glues that dry clear and even if they ran through you would never know where it did. Also some are water soluble and you could try a damp cloth just in that little area to clean off some of the glue. Don't make it too wet.

I agree with another comment. Take a picture with the buttons laid on for us to see and help you decide as what to do.

Linen Stitcher said...

My DH bought me a pair of Ginghers embroidery scissors 20+ years ago, and I have to say, they're still one of my favorite presents. I eventually added a finer pair for doing cutwork (like Hardanger) about 10 years ago. I must say, both pairs have held up amazingly well, in spite of frequent use.

K in NY said...

I used to think all scissors are created equal - I am SO not about the brand. I used to use generic craft scissors for my needlework. Then I tried Ginghers - so sharp! and pointy! and they cut threads and yarns soooo easily!

My advice: wait for a 40% off coupon and Joanns and have at them. I think they're having a Gingher sale soon too (according to the latest circular I got anyway).