Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leaf me alone!

I am so sick of leaves I could scream! They seem to go on and on. I've finished the leaves on the border but the trees need a bunch. I have to keep cutting the overdyed floss so I can make the leaves look variegated, and I've got little snippets all over the place. On the bright side, my border matched up! I did find one stitch where I crossed over three threads rather than two, but I'm leaving it. I'll just invoke the "nothing is perfect but God" rule.
This was so strange - I uploaded the picture to Blogger, and it rotated on its side. I did it three times, and it wasn't until I tried it on the left side that it uploaded right side up. Then I centered it again and it came out right. Blogger continues to be mystifying to me. I still haven't figured out how to make the pictures clickable - does anyone know? Do you do something special, or do they just turn out that way? Maybe it's my template. I'm long overdue for a change anyway.

Well, I'm off to do some lettering, till I get sick of that. Then I'll go back to putting foliage on the trees. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Kim B said...

LHN's Peach Tree Cottage has been a WIP for me since last summer when pregnancy fatigue sidetracked me. Now I'm working on it again and the leaves are driving me crazy too so I commiserate! :)

It looks great! And I like the Amish perspective on perfection!

Patti said...

It looks really great. I can't wait to see it more done (well you can't say doner now can you? Nope didn't think so). Lots of Love Patti xxx

Kathy said...

Looking good. I would not worry about making sure the leaves have the right variation. It will all work out in the end. You are making this too much like work. It is supposed to be fun.

I have trouble with Blogger too, but different stuff than you. I just load my pictures and they are clickable or at least I think they are. Guess I should go check. I don't do anything special. We all just need more patience I guess.

Jean said...

I download from Kodak Easyshare and the pictures come out clickable. I don't know what the secret is. I wish I knew a way to download more than one at a time. It's so time consuming!

Cute piece you're working on!