Sunday, June 7, 2009

Small Steps

A few little projects have been on my horizon lately - nothing fancy, but fun to stitch. Cruising eBay one day I found this little booklet of Brightneedle freebies, with a lot of sweet designs that looked quite my speed. I love Brightneedle and am sorry they don't seem to be designing any more.

Many of the charts called for specialty threads that I don't have (not much of a stash of those yet, though I'm trying) and had no DMC conversions. But this one did! And my marbleized scissors were calling out for a fob, so here it is:

Bunny Hop
28 count linen
DMC threads

Dearest Friend (detail)
28 count linen
DMC threads

Sorry for the shadowy second picture - Blogger sometimes turns my pictures sideways (go figure) and I had to use a different one than I had planned.

I also stitched up a freebie by The Sampler Girl that I've seen on a number of blogs. Being from southeastern Massachusetts, it seemed like the perfect project.

In Thankfulness of Heart
The Sampler Girl
28 count platinum linen
Crescent Colours threads

This one will be my first foray into trying to make a little pillow, if I can just figure out how to get the edges straight. I'm tempted to just make a pinkeep, but "been there, done that" and it isn't going to help me to get over my FOF (fear of finishing) if I keep going over old ground. Tune in next time for "as the pillow turns."


Kathy A. said...

Lovely little fob.
You'll do just fine with the pillow.
Just measure twice and cut once!

Kim B said...

I didn't realize Brightneedle wasnt designing anymore! I love their designs too!

I read someone suggest once that you should pull a linen thread where you want to sew so that your lines stay straight. I wonder if thats effective. I just learned to sew on a machine so I dont know...

Your fob is DARLING! I love the soft colors!

Lennu said...

Another bunny, I've seen many bunnies in blogs lately :) Your fob is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Look at you and all these cute finishes! I admire you for completing the finish-finishing. It's not my strong suit, but it's soooo worth it to be able to display a project or to give it as a gift.

That said, I do what Kim suggested, and it's worked well for me. I withdraw a linen thread outside of where I want the finished seam to be (choose one thread, unweave it near the edge, then pull it, leaving an open channel), then I use that as a guide for my presser foot. I'm no sewing expert, so it helps me keep my edge straighter.

I'll look forward to seeing your finished pillow!!

Sally said...

The fob is really cute!

Michele said...

very cute fob! I love Brightneedle too .. took a class from them a few years ago .. lovely women :) I do think they are still designing, just not sure if they've put out anything recently.

good luck with the pillow!

staci said...

Your fob is adorable! And you finished it perfectly too :)

Love your SG finish too!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute fob for those scissors! It really is too bad Brightneedles isn't doing more designs. :(

Teri said...

The scissor fob is adorable. Great finish!

Marie-P said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your fob is adorable. I too did not know that Brightneedle is not designing anymore, they are a favorite of mine.