Friday, September 11, 2009

Conversion Crisis

I'm having a crisis of confidence in my floss choice for my latest project, The Goode Huswife's Home Sweet Home. Having spent far too much money on stash lately, I couldn't justify the cost of the called-for Gloriana silks, so I thought, well, the WDW threads listed as an alternative would probably be fine. So that's what I bought (though I did buy one skein of Gloriana that had no alternative). But now, having stitched on it a bit, I'm thinking I made a mistake. This is what the colors are supposed to look like:

Below is how mine is starting out. The flower is fine because that's the correct floss. But the doors look very dull compared to the original. You can just make out the start of the green of the leaves (under the right side of the roof) and the color is way darker than it should be. I could live with these things but the rest of the WDW threads are not very variegated, and none of the colors I have for the bird match the picture at all. It's such a pretty little piece, but I find myself not wanting to stitch on it very much. I guess the thing to do is put it away until I can afford the silks (I have to say that I like CC Belle Soie much better than Gloriana from my limited experience with it - with BS knots slip right out while I've had to give up on the Gloriana once or twice and start afresh). How often does this happen to you? Are you usually happy with the conversions offered? Or is it best to bite the bullet and go with what the designer used? Next time I'll pay more attention when I am kitting up a piece, that's for sure.

But in the meantime, I have other fish to fry. Yesterday I got this adorable chart (complete with a skein of Belle Soie and the buttons for it) to make a button box or bag. It was my first order from Jan at Only One Ewe Needlework, and it was a great experience - Jan is so friendly and the order was dispatched so quickly. Do check out her shop and her wonderful blog.

And Carol sent me the chart for her lovely design Sew Red, which I just love. This one will require a trip to the LNS to find the perfect red floss for it. Thank you, Carol!

And now a Blogger question - when you make a post, do you upload each picture first or do it as you go along? The latter is always how I've done it and it's been a real pain. Today I uploaded each picture and then did the typing. Have I been a complete idiot and been doing it wrong all along? Is there a Blogger for Dummies website out there? Oh my gosh, there is!


Kathy A. said...

Yep, I think this one needs set aside until you can get the right colors. Sometimes they just don't transfer over well.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I HATE when that happens. I have conversion trouble too sometimes... It can really take the fun out of a project! I usually take the fabric and the colour picture and stare at my stash looking for replacements... :o) Something will jump out eventually... BTW, I love (!) that Erica Michaels design, hadn't seen it before!

Kellie said...

I think this particular one probably needs what the design calls for. I love this one, but I have hesitated ordering it because of the threads. However, I think Shakespeare's Peddler was offering some kind of special on the threads at one half skeins which was enough to do the design...for like half the price, maybe? I don't remember but you could email her and ask. I am not affiliated with the store. I have ordered from her for several years and have always had good service. HTH. :)

Kathy said...

Have helped someone else in the LNS do a conversion for this design. Not sure how all the changes we made worked out. It is a difficult one to do. Sometimes you even have to make changes to the alternative that they have provided. Another thing is that pictures can also be deceiving in their color too. Stitch it the way that your are comfortable with and don't worry if it matches the photo.

As for blogger photos, I always load my pictures first. Don't know that anyone ever told me that from the beginning. That is just how I started. It is hard for me to visualize the order of pictures, since you have to load the last picture first. Sometimes I have to make a list to keep things straight for loading.

Guess we have turned you into a Belle Soie junkie. Good luck with blogger and stitching.

Anonymous said...

I find myself doing my own conversions more and more these days. Many model photos don't accurately represent the photos, but if I buy a piece because of the photo, then that's the result I'm looking for.

I often start with the suggested colors but change those to suit my preferences, especially to match the photo. Sometimes it helps to look at colors used on other patterns to get ideas about which combinations work well together. Otherwise, just start doing a floss toss with your own threads or the ones at a store to see what looks good to you. And don't keep stitching with what you have unless you really like the colors.

Speaking of Belle Soie, may I recommend "Tulip" for your red sampler?

Michele said...

Hugs Sweetie .. it's tough when the conversion doesn't really work well. When I had an LNS close, the girls there were great at helping me with conversions. Most of the time the conversions included all types of flosses to get all the affects.

I upload my photos first, the write .. hope this helps! lol

Jennifer said...

I never thought about uploading my photos first - good idea!!! It drives me nuts that they all get loaded to the top of whatever I'm writing and I have go to in and fix everything. I'll try uploading them first.

I LOVE silks, but rarely stitch with them because they can be so expensive. If they're on sale or whatever, I'll pick them up, but my use of silks is limited by cost.

As to floss conversions, I usually feel pretty confident making color changes. Most of the time, I color change for personalization reasons, like for wedding pieces. If possible, I like to match colors to the wedding colors. But I always work with the chart, the fabric and the floss all at once to make sure the everything looks right to me. (I'm sorry to say the colors in the picture look better than the conversions you have - I don't think it's a waste to restart the piece)

And unless I see a need for varigation or feel the varigation in color adds something to the piece, I generally go with DMC, especially if the overdyed thread doesn't have much varigation to begin with. I'd rather spend the extra money on thread or fabric that will add to the piece instead of on thread that can accomplish the same thing as a far less expensive skein of DMC.

Good luck with this piece!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

I love this piece! Why not find some DMC even that makes you happier?

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I hate when conversions look nothing like the original. You might try Needlecraft Corner for the threads - Drema (the owner) is almost always having a sale of some sort.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I really enjoyed looking through yours and will add you to my sidebar when I get home tonight. I loved the b-day finish (Our Souls Entwine) you did for your DH! I have that in my stash to do as well..... one of these days.

Anonymous said...

I'd set this aside too; the colors are different for sure and I HATE when this happens. I just stitched an acorn by Twisted threads and the conversions were so totally different. I even contimplated on writing to the designer about the difference. It's an older chart and very small but it still makes me mad when it happens. I am restitching with my own conversion colors and it's alot closer than what's printed on the chart. good luck with this one; hope the silks don't put too big of a dent in your pocket book