Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent Stitching and the Year in Review

Between the holidays and ogling too many other blogs, I don't have too much to add to this one (but notice it's not stopping me from trying). I only have one finish to show - it took me forever to get the Tulip Belle Soie I needed to pull it off the Q-Snaps. I'm still not happy that the blue isn't that variegated, but it's a pretty piece none-the-less. I'm not quite sure what to do with it - it's a little small for a pillow but too big for an ornament. Hopefully inspiration will strike one of these days.
Singing the Blues
Little House Needleworks
Unknown Cashel linen
Belle Soie threads
Jenny Bean is coming along but I really blew it on the size of the linen. The left and right sides only have about 1 1/2 inches to spare from the border stitches. I hope I will be able to frame it once it's done, which won't be for awhile, because something else has been calling my name:

This is such a quintessential winter project - I think Jenny is going to go on the back burner for awhile. The linen I got isn't quite the same shade as is suggested - it's a little lighter and brighter, but I think it will look okay. It's called Misty Meadows - isn't that a pretty name?

I will start The North Wind sitting under my new/old LUX floor lamp, which I found for peanuts at a rummage sale. What a difference a daylight lamp makes!

As a slow stitcher, I tend to compare my output to that of many others and find it quite minimal, but when I looked at my notebook in which I've started writing down my projects, I was quite surprised to find a respectable number of finishes. Here's my list:

Sew Animalistic - iStitch Designs
Netherfield Park - The Sampler Girl
February Little Hearts Sal by Sylvia
Necessities Sampler - LHN
Pear Tree - LHN
Laura's House in the Woods - The Sampler Girl
Sew Peacock - iStitch Designs
The Snowman and James - DMC
The Secret Garden - JBW Designs
Red Bird Freebie - Gazette 94
Do It Well - Silver Creek Samplers
By the Full Moon - Ink Circles
Wash Day - Carriage House Samplings
Tidings of Joy ornament - Heart in Hand Needleart
French Country Star ornament - JBW Designs
Sew Spooky - iStitch Designs
Country Wall Postbox - Janet Granger
Halloween Hoot and Bat - Oakhaven Designs
Victorian Christmas Motif - Joan Elliott

If I had to pick favorites I'd choose Sew Animalistic and Sew Spooky, Netherfield Park, Wash Day and Do It Well, but I enjoyed them all. I'll have to look back at the end of this year and see if 2011 measures up to 2010. Here's to a happy year of stitching for everyone!


valerie said...

Lovely finish and great progress on Jenny Bean Christmas! I can't wait to see your start on North's such a pretty design.

Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...

Lovely finish - there is something so wonderful about that design, maybe it is the combination of the blue and red?

Congratulations on your 2010 progress, that is a great list.

I am looking forward to watching your new start, I think that is another wonderful design.

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish. Jenny Bean is one of my favorites - look forward to your progress and new start. Congratulations on 2010 finishes - there are some lovely designs there. I remember your Sew Spooky - I loved it. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Pretty finish and nice progress on Jenny Bean. You had some great finishes in 2010, congratulations.

Carol said...

I think you have a wonderful list of finishes for the year, Michele! I am a slow stitcher, too, so I understand how you feel when you read those long, long lists of other stitchers' finishes :)

Love your little blue bird finish--I have that one on my list for the spring. And, of course, who doesn't love Jenny Bean? I look forward to following your progress on your new North Wind project :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely finish. A great progress on Jenny Bean.

Lili said...

so pretty!
wonderful 2010 list!
happy new year!

Kathy said...

Your Bluebird finish is awesome. Great job. Jenny is coming along nicely.

If you think that you do not have enough on the edges of Jenny for framing, you can sew on a piece of muslin. It will not show, just give enough fabric on the edges to wrap around for framing.

Looks to me like you stitched a lot. You are doing a great job with your stitching.

Sally said...

I love Singing the Blues ( have it in my stash!) and Jenny Bean is looking gorgeous.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on North Wind ( which I also have in my stash :) ).

You've stitched some lovley pieces in 2010.

Kathy A. said...

You have done some gorgeous stitching there. Congratulations on your 2010 finishes. Very nice job.
Love the blue.

Lizzy said...

I think you had a lovely list of finishes for 2010, Michele! I love Singing the Blues and must add that one to my stash for Spring stitching... Your Jenny Bean is coming along Beautifully... and North Wind is so lovely... both are calling my name from my stash chest...

Wishing you much love and joy, glad tidings and good cheer, a cosy warm hearth and blessings abounding... and many a heartfelt hour of peaceful stitching thyme in the New Year!

Heartfelt blessings always in stitches...

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one that occasionally messes up the linen size... Sorry to hear it happened to youthough. That's a great tip from Kathy! I'll need to remember that for future screw-ups... LOL!! The North Wind looks like a wonderful project!

Siobhan said...

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to other stitchers, IMHO! I am guilty of doing that, wondering why somebody is faster than me. Everybody has their own life and responsibilities and things that take their time from stitching. Just enjoy the process! I am saying that as much for myself as for you!! ;)

Love the finish! I have a few of those too-big-for-a-pillow, too-small-for-a-frame things, and I'm just making them into simple pillows, not too much stuffing, and plopping them in baskets or on table tops. Nice progress on Jenny, and love the new project, too!

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Your bluebird is so pretty. Can't wait to see your progress on The North Wind. Take care.

Pumpkin said...

Looks like you had a good number of finishes from last year!

Congrats on your latest finish. Love this design :o)

I look forward to seeing more of your WIPs.

Sonda in OR said...

It's so hard when you're just waiting for a little bit of thread to finish up a project! It turned out great!

Michele said...

I love the Jenny Bean series. If I keep seeing it on other blogs I will have to start stitching it myself! Too bad about the fabric shortfall - I have done that a couple of times too!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish! Congratulations on all your finishes from last year. Looks like a great list of finishes.