Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Finish and a Find

The North Wind has finally blown and it's finished. You might be forgiven for thinking that this is a spring scene rather than a winter one, since the Icing Belle Soie for the snow just didn't show up very well on the blue linen. You can see it a little better in real life than in the picture, but all-in-all I'm a bit disappointed. Oh well, it's still a pretty design even if it's not that snowy.

The North Wind
Little House Needleworks
Belfast linen - Meadow Mist
Crescent Colours, Belle Soie and DMC

After finishing NW I went back to Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler. This one has its own issues with the loosely woven linen, but it's a lovely design. It's about to go on hiatus again though, because the June Oakhaven Designs Owl chart just came out, so I'll be working on that for a bit.

This weekend my sister and I stopped in at an antique mall, and I decided to see if I could find a flower frog to use to store my scissors. I didn't see any, but then my sister asked about them at the checkout counter. Lo and behold, I was thrilled to be shown this one. It has a base and a lid - isn't it pretty? It cost a grand total of $6.75 - quite a bargain. My sister was very surprised to see it - she thought I really wanted something that looked like a frog!


Lee said...

I like those flower frogs, but the one you found is absolutely the best! Lucky girl!

Sally said...

Love your North Wind finish. I can see the snow.

JB looks gorgeous too.

What a lovely flower frog!

staci said...

North Wind really turned out nice! And you are making fantastic progress on JB!

Your flower frog is an awesome find, congrats!

carol said...
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carol said...
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Carol said...

Your flower frog is a great find, Michele--now to fill it with scissors :)

North Wind looks lovely and I can spot the snow with no problem. And Jenny Bean sure is pretty--I'm not a fan of loose linen either, but if it complements the threads I still use it.

Hope your weekend weather forecast is good--my youngest son is up your way visiting his girlfriend and they're going to a Red Sox game this evening :)

Lennu said...

Your stitching looks beautiful, congratulations on your finish, it's lovely!

I love the flower frog you found, it's gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

Your finish is nice Michele.
What a pretty frog you found!

Lesleyanne said...

Your north wind finish is lovely. JB is looking great too.

Siobhan said...

What a pretty flower frog! Very nice. Congrats on the finish! JB looks great, too.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

After you pointed out the snow on NW, I could see it. Very pretty! I love JB - I keep that one up year round.

Your flower frog is very, very pretty!