Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dandy Dreams Done

I finished Dandy Dreams - what an enjoyable project to stitch. I wish the photo showed the buttery yellow color of the linen better than it does. I think this is the first piece I've ever made that didn't have a misplaced stitch in it! I'm so used to fudging it - I could hardly believe it when everything fell into the right place. Though I did change the yellow designs in the border, since I didn't like them being asymmetrical - this way they look more like full dandelions in bloom.
 Dandy Dreams
Silver Creek Samplers
Picture This Plus Chime Linen

Here's July's owl - this was a really quick one. I'm certainly amassing quite an owlery - they'd fit right in at Hogwarts. The January owl reminds me of Hedwig.

I have had such trouble uploading and placing pictures, and finally realized that there was a new editor that made everything easier. It's so nice that everything doesn't load at the top of the page anymore!


Vonna said...

Your Dandy Dreams is just well...DANDY! :)
And your owls make me HOOT! :)

Lee said...

DD looks great and those owls are so cute! Why is it so difficult to capture accurate yellows in a photo? Grrr!

Sally said...

I love your Dandy Dreams! It is such a gorgeous piece. I must get mine finished up to hang.

Those owls are so cute!

Nancy said...

Lovely stitching! Those owls are so cute!

valerie said...

Great finishes!

Lesleyanne said...

DD is a lovely finish. Your owl is soo cute - it would look great at Hogwarts.

Carol said...

Those little owls are so cute, Michele--it is hard to choose a favorite... And your Dandy Dreams looks wonderful--I like the changes you made in the border :)