Monday, June 16, 2014

A Year of Projects

So much for my good intentions to post my couch lounging projects soon. But better late than never, right? Here, in order of stitching, are:

Dream Big
Country Cottage Needleworks
Mystery linen / CC, GAST, & DMC

I made this for my son's friend's birthday in 2013, and it took me until this past Easter get it finished. In fact, it's the only thing I do have in final form. It's a little lopsided, but the friend seemed pleased with it anyway (he owns a rabbit and really wanted a stitched one - at least he doesn't have to change the litter for it!)

The Needleworker
Little House Needleworks
30 count R&R Bed Creek Brown / CC

This is the project I took to Celebration in 2013. It was such a pleasure to stitch.

The Troubador
Papillon Creations
Antique White Belfast / Old Willow Stitchery & HDF

This was one of the first charts I bought upon discovering that there were more designs available than could be found at Joann's and A.C. Moore. I fell in love with its colors, but didn't realize that OWS linen threads were no longer being made. After much googling I found an online shop which still had them in stock; the HDF threads had been renamed since the chart was published, but Vikki told me what to order. It came out just right, and is in my to-be-framed pile. I've always had a thing for unicorns, and when I was much younger my car sported a bumper sticker that said "I brake for hobbits and unicorns." Neither the car nor the bumper stitcher are still around, but I'd still brake for a unicorn if I saw one.

Sous Mon Arbre
Marjorie Massey
Country Cream Belfast / Creme de Menthe Belle Soie

This design is from a set of three which I bought via Jardin Prive's website. It's always such a pleasure to stitch on silk!

And Your Little Dog Too
The Sampler Girl
White Jobelan / CC & DMC

I'm from the era when The Wizard of Oz was televised once a year. What a thrill to watch it each time. I always wondered whether Miss Gulch would try to take Toto again once Dorothy came home, but I suppose she must have been blown away by the tornado (I sure hope so!) Or maybe she melted too.

Antique Evergreen Sampler
Elizabeth's Designs
Iced Cappuccino Edinborough / WDW

This is the project I worked on during the toughest days of my convalescence - the little motifs were perfect for short stints of stitching. I was sorry when this one ended.

This only takes me up through September, but I should be making dinner if we are to survive the evening, so I'll stop for now. But I'll hopefully be back sooner than the last time!


Cindy's Stitching said...

Some really pretty finishes.

Carol said...

What fun to see what kept you busy all those months, Michele! Everything looks wonderful and I especially love the Needleworker finish--it's just wonderful! Will look forward to seeing more finishes very soon :)

Shebafudge said...

Lots of lovely projects. I love the Wizard of Oz one. You must be around the same age as me if you remember it being on every year! I loved that film.