Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogger Ate My Post!

It's so annoying when that happens. I'd written out several paragraphs and I thought I'd saved them properly, and then poof! Let's see, how to recreate what I wrote?

I found the (almost) perfect frame for LHN's Where There is Life at Joann Fabrics. The mat is made of fabric, with pink embroidery. It complements the colors in the design beautifully. The opening didn't quite have enough space to fit the entire border; even so it was worth all the fiddling to get it (almost) lined up right. I gave it to my family member with cancer on Monday; the sentiment seemed to resonate with her and I hope it brings her some comfort.

I've been wanting the LHN chart from the 2004 JCS Christmas Ornament issue (the one with the tree, a bird and two squirrels) and I found a copy on eBay, which arrived the other day. The past few Ornament issues haven't yielded many items I wanted to stitch, but this one was filled with them. To borrow a phrase: so many ornaments, so little time! I'm looking forward to the 2008 edition, and hope it's as chock full of must-stitch ornaments as is 2004's.

I've started the finishing for my scissor keep for the MFC. It's really a pocket pinkeep. I had wanted to make a scissor case like this one but I didn't know how to make the lining for it, so I'm going with the pinkeep version. I almost bought a pair of Emma scissors for it at Joann's today, but I got fussy about the way the colors were laid out on every pair, so I'm waiting till I find one I really like. I have yet to own a pair of Gingher's and am eagerly awaiting finding out why so many people seem to love them. I just saw that a new version called Roberta is coming out in October. Collecting these could get addicting!


Kathy said...

Oh, yes I have had that happen to me too. It is hard to remember what you wrote. Somehow I figured out how to get to the autosave copy and now I have not had the problem again. So now I have probably forgotten how to get the autosave copy.

I went to your link for Roberta scissors. I mght have to get a pair. I have a pair of Glory ones. The cut so nice. My mother always had Gingher sewing shears when I was growing up and you never used them to cut paper.

Love you LNH. I ordered it and in a weak moment last week, I started it. Great job.

Carol R said...

You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award. Please visit my blog.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Michele, what a pretty finish and thoughtful gift. Those Roberta scissors are beautemous.

Sally said...

Lovely finish Michele. The frame and mat are so perfect for it.

Love your teacher finish too. Now my two are older they have lots of teachers and I sort of miss not stitching for them now.

Thank you for your lovely comment. It's lovely to know I was missed:)

staci said...

I've been having lots of trouble with blogger lately~~thought it was just me ;)

Love your LHN finish...I'm sure your recipient will love it too.

Tanya said...

Looks wonderful! Always great when you find the frame you want :O)

tkdchick said...

That's a lovely gift.

Yes there are a lot of gremlins out there on the net that do nasty things like eat posts!

Kim B said...

Oh it's beautiful! The matting is just gorgeous with it! What a special gift!!