Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A finish, and other things

The gift for DS's teacher is done, except for the framing. I'm happy with the piece and hope Mrs. Pray is too. Thanks to Tanya for her wonderful design.
The Sampler Girl's Teacher Gift
Platinum Cashel
Carrie's Thread and DMC

Awhile back I was on the DMC website and saw a link about the DMC Mentor Program, which offered a packet to be used to teach others to stitch, for free. I sent for it and promptly forgot all about it. Well, it recently arrived - it's got four small kits with a cyclamen design, complete with all the materials (Aida, of course), and a nice little booklet with 9 different charts. I have a 13 year old goddaughter I'm trying to interest in cross stitch, so the first kit will go off to her. These kits would make lovely scissor fobs so I'm hoping I can find others to indoctrinate teach. The shiny little thing on the cover of the packet is a DMC Mentors pin, which has little colored x's on it. I just checked the website and I no longer see a link offering this program, so I wonder if they have discontinued it. I hope not - it's a great idea.
The other day I was looking through some old linens and found something I had stitched probably 20 years ago and had totally forgotten about. I have no idea where the chart is or what it's called, but it looks vaguely Pennsylvania Dutch. I've become such a snob; as soon as I saw it I thought "oh, but it's on Aida!" Still, it was a thrill to find some of my ancient handiwork - I only tried stitching for a short time and never got past the block colors phase. Perhaps it will become a pillow one day.

I am being summoned to play a game on Club Penguin. I'm off to the Polar Ice Caps!


Carol R said...

Love your 'Teacher Gift' Michele.

Michele said...

What a very special teacher's gift! I'm sure she'll love it!

I've never heard of the mentor program .. how wonderful you are doing it with your goddaughter :)

Don't you just love some of the things you stitched way back when! I had one of my first counted cross stitch pieces on aida done into a pillow .. I really adore it .. even on aida! Can't wait to see what you do with yours :)

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Very nice finish, Michele! What a fun find, too, I really like the colors.

Tanya said...

Looks great :o)


Kathy A. said...

Very nice teacher's gift. I am sure it will be well appreciated. I like your old WIP - Old Pennsylvania Dutch is very neat. I am sure if you overlook the aida it will be wonderful done. I am doing a piece now on 14 count aida for someone else and not enjoying the aida but the piece will be nice done. Hang in there