Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blogger did it again!

I clicked the wrong thing and Blogger ate my post. Again. Don't they allow room for dumb mistakes? Not that I had said anything earthshattering, of course - merely a brief travelogue of my vacation to Cape Cod, where I got some stitching but no blogging done. I'm about 3/4 finished with Our Souls Entwine from Brightneedle; I don't even have to hide it from DH as he pays no attention to what I'm stitching. And shortly before I left I finished my scissor fob for the MFC, a little angel I gave to my relative who is undergoing chemotherapy - I figured she could use an angel to watch over her. Before I go after the pictures, I'm saving this paragraph. I know Blogger, I bet it's still hungry...

28 Count Platinum Linen
Crescent Colours Ruby Slippers Floss
Freebie from
Casa Mia

The little heart was taken from Tanya's teacher gift I made, which is still not back from the framer. I forgot to take pictures with scissors before I gave it away.

Okay, I think I'm safely through this post (she says anxiously). I'm off to publish it before Blogger changes its mind and nabs me again!


Kathy said...

I love your little angel. Doing it for someone undergoing chemeo is a great idea.

As for blogger, I have done a similar thing. When I use blogger, there is an autosave things going on. Not sure how often it autosaves. Once I figured out how to find the place where it is autosaved, I was able to go back and retrieve my partial post and continue on.

I have not posted for a while. I need to do one because I have had so many awards given that I need to pass it on. I will see how it is working at that point. If I figure it out, I will e-mail you.

Sally said...

The little angel is beautiful Michele. It's a lovely idea to give it to someone having chemo.

Ranae said...

The angel pillow is such a sweet gift, I love that colour red.

Carol R said...

I always hit the 'save' on a regular basis! If you go to 'post' then underneath the publish and save buttons it says "Return to list of posts' - you may find your lost post there.

Your angel is a really sweet gesture for your relative.

Sonda in OR said...

What a lovely little angel. I bet it was very appreciated.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Michele, that is a sweet and thoughtful gift. I'm sorry Blogger has been a pain!