Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Unfinished Finishes

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novels, so when I saw Netherfield Park by The Sampler Girl it called my name. I stitched some of this while watching Lost in Austen, which is a miniseries about a contemporary young woman who finds herself in the midst of the P & P story and affects the events therein. If you are an Austen-lover I highly recommend it. I made a few changes to NP - I swapped the called-for DMC for Crescent Colours (I used Queen Bee, Bean Sprout, Whatley Woodlands and Wavy Navy), changed the tail feathers slightly, and instead of stitching the year 1813 I substituted Elizabeth's and Darcy's initials. If I ever get my sewing machine tension fixed it will (hopefully) become a pillow, upon which I can rest my head and dream about Colin Firth (don't tell my husband!)
Netherfield Park
The Sampler Girl
Unknown 28 count linen
Crescent Colours threads

Thanks to her nice comment on one of my posts, I discovered Ma Teakettle's blog, which I am enjoying wandering through. A project of hers grabbed my attention and this is the result:
My Little Heart - February
Sylvia K. Hessen
Freebie found
Belfast Linen
DMC threads

Isn't it adorable? It's one part of a SAL that will encompass 12 designs, which can be stitched separately, or together with a border. Please pay close attention to the birds' eyes; they are - drumroll, please - french knots! Thanks to this tutorial they came out okay, I think. I would like to make this into a floss tag but I have to get one of those gizmos that set the grommets. I have seen a rather unwieldy one at Joann's - does anyone have any recommendations for this type of tool?
That's all I have to show right now - so it's on to the next project, when I figure out what it is!


Anonymous said...

As a fellow Jane Austen fan, the Netherfield Park design has caught my eye, too. Great colors, great finish!

And look at you, doing French knots. Very nice touch!!

I've set grommets (eyelets) with a setting tool and a mallet before but decided to buy a Crop-A-Dile with a half-off coupon from Michael's. I thought it might be easier. Haven't tried it yet, though, so my only comment at this point is, "No comment."

Haven't watched "Lost in Austen" yet, but I need to . . .

Sally said...

Love both your finishes Michele. Lovely colours on both. I have the SAL charts saved and would love to stitch the two so far as ornaments.

I have a crop-o-dile for setting eyelets and it is brilliant!

Carol said...

Your sweet little bird with his red heart really makes me smile, Michele! So cute...

Michele said...

great finishes Michele :) Hope you get your sewing machine fixed soon!

Teri said...

Love the Netherfield Park finish! Thanks, too, for the tip about "Lost in Austen;" that sounds like a great miniseries!

Kim B said...

French knots are trouble, trouble, trouble! But I love those finishes! I need to do french knots as well as you :)