Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Behind on the Holidays and a Frog (the good kind)

Yes, I know it's February, and Halloween is long gone. But I fell in love with this design by Vee and Co, and decided that I could think of it as getting a jump on next Halloween's stitching. Doesn't she look deliciously crafty as she stirs her cauldron? The fabric is a much truer orange than my camera shows.

Vee and Co
Witch's Brew
WDW 30 count linen
DMC 310

I was wrong about the Oakhaven Designs 2012 SAL - I thought it would be all cats, but February's chart was of a dog. I have no idea what's coming next!
And finally - a find! I went to a flea market last week and saw this odd-looking candlestick - the candle holder seemed rather small for a taper to sit in.

I turned it over, and voila - it became a flower frog!
I'm going to stitch a little pin pillow for the inside hollow. I'm still not sure whether it's really a candlestick or a flower frog. What do you think?


Nancy said...

Cute stitching! That is a lovely frog and will look great with a cushion in the middle!

Ranae said...

I love the Halloween finish, the spider looks kinda creepy, lol
I have a round fabric pincushion inside the same thing and then I have scissors in the holes, go for it!

Deb said...

I think that it could be both - a candlestick or a flower frog, or you could make a cute pincushion out of it too!

Lesleyanne said...

Love your halloween finish. Look forward to seeing what is next on your SAL. I think it would make a great scissor frog with a little round pincushion in the middle.

Marilyn said...

Great Halloween piece!
I think it could be either, but a Pincushion sounds cute. You could even cahnge it for different Holidays.

Chris said...

Wonderful finish Michele! I can't wait to see the pin pillow that you stitch up for that vase. Great idea!

Sally said...

Very nice finish and I love the idea of stitching a pin pillow for the middle of the "flower frog" :)

Carol said...

I love Halloween stitching any time of year, Michele--and that is a great piece!! Is she throwing the spider into her brew do you think?!

Interesting flower frog / candle holder / pin cushion!! I think that is a great idea to put a little pin pillow in the middle and surround it with scissors!

Anonymous said...

I tried to send you charts by email but received message that my mail was blocked as spam. Not quite sure how to send you the charts.