Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Continuing my Owl Obsession

When I saw this in one of ABCStitch's emails I fell in love with it, and ordered it straightaway. It was great fun to stitch, though attaching the owls with invisible thread was harder than I thought it would be. I can't seem to get the crease out of the linen no matter how much I steam and iron it. Any suggestions?
Moonlight Owls
Puntini Puntini
Taupe Cashel
DMC Color Variations 4150

I was sorry to learn the news that The Gift of Stitching Magazine is going to cease publication with the May issue. I was a subscriber for awhile and enjoyed getting it each month. All back issues are 50% off now. I did a Google search for the table of contents for one of their issues because I was looking for a certain chart. One of the searches led me to a website that I found absolutely appalling. It appeared to be a forum where people were requesting and posting scans of charts which could then be downloaded if you had some kind of membership. It was obvious that the site activity was illegal, and it really made me sad to see how many users were using it to cheat designers out of their work. I know designers know about this site and they have to vigilantly police it to have their charts removed when they see them posted. How upsetting and discouraging for them. I'm glad there are so many good people in the cross stitching community who would never dream of doing this.

For my next project I bought this from my LNS; truly words to live by. I'm stitching it on Light Mocha cashel with the called for GAST and WDW threads. My LNS visit was not cheap, but it was worth it!


Elizabeth Brotherton said...

It's adorable Michele! I also love owls but somehow I missed this little gem.

Not sure about getting the crease out. I've never had problems getting creases out with a steam iron.

You can try washing it and then putting it between two towels while still damp and ironing it until dry--although you'd have to be especially careful with the owl charms.

Let me know if you try it!

Brightest blessings!

Beth B.

Debbie said...

i love your owls! they are so cute!

Marilyn said...

Your Owls are too cute Michele!
I don't know how to get the bad creases out, I seem to have the same problem, even with a lot of steam.
There's been a lot about piracy lately, and the sad part is, some of these sites are foreign, and cannot be shut down. :(
I have a friend who found out that 9 of her top designs are being pirated on one of these sites. :(

Sally said...

What an adorable finish! Love it!

I struggle with creases too and really don't know what the answer is I'm afraid.

Sally said...

What an adorable finish! Love it!

I struggle with creases too and really don't know what the answer is I'm afraid.

Carol R said...

To remove creases I firstly lay a folded towel on my ironing board and then cover that with a clean white cloth. I lay my stitching face down on the white cloth, give it a light spray of spray starch (not too much) and then iron with a dry iron. It removes the creases with no damage to stitching, beads or charms!

Sharon said...

Cute finish! I gave you a Leibster award on my blog.