Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Trip to Celebration of Needlework

Last Saturday I went to my first-ever cross stitch workshop at Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, NH. DH and DS accompanied me to the hotel where it was being held, and we stayed overnight. DH went in to register us and came back out to the car and said "you're going to be in heaven - there's needlepoint everywhere!" I had to gently correct his understanding of my craft, but otherwise he was right. The lobby was filled with stitchers and more stitching accessories than I have ever seen in my life. It was wonderful! While my guys went off to the pool, I attended a workshop by Linda Duree of Stitching Treasures, who showed us how to make a Rose Garden Pinkeep:
It looks really complicated but as Linda kept telling us, it is surprisingly easy to put it together. She showed us how to do the finishing from the outside, rather than having to turn everything inside out. Here is the kit she supplied:
The linen is by Picture This Plus in gorgeous shades of greens, and the CC floss is green and purple. Linda also showed us how to make ribbon rosettes to sew on the points of the pinkeep. It was so much fun and I'm really looking forward to making it.

Of course I hit the merchandise mall and while I didn't make a lot of purchases, I found among other things an old Brightneedle chart with a design that is perfect for a therapist friend of mine. It says "let wisdom and compassion guide thee." And Linda had cording drills for sale so of course I had to buy one - I've never made my own cording and if I can ever figure out how to use the thing I'm sure it will be my favorite gadget.
Next year I'm hoping to attend Celebration for more than just one day. It's a little intimidating since everyone seems to know each other, but the lure of being around other stitchers will hopefully overcome my shyness. If anyone plans to go next year, let me know!

In other stitching news I made a few small things for friends who don't read my blog. I haven't finished them yet, but I have until July when I see them both at a children's book convention this summer.
Bent Creek
Taupe Belfast/DMC

Jefferson's Book Quote (Kit)
Barbara Bangser
18 ct Charles Craft Aida

Finally, I will leave you with a cartoon I found online that I know we can all relate to!


Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing your Rose Garden pin keep. It looks beautiful.

Lovely new stash and lovely finishes too :)

Carol said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your workshop, Michele--that Rose Garden Pinkeep is so lovely--I'm sure your finished project will be, as well.

Oh, you'll love experimenting with your cord maker. That looks like a fancier one than I have, but it is so nice to have matching cording for ornaments...

Love your little mini-finishes, too (especially the Jefferson quote!)...

Erin said...

I was at Celebrations, too! I was there from Wednesday night until Saturday around lunchtime. Isn't it wonderful?? And don't worry about being shy!! This was my third year attending, and every year I meet lovely new stitcher-friends and often get "adopted" by folks when they find out I'm there alone! LOL

Deb said...

I haven't been to Celebrations in years. Maybe one of these years. I love the project that you did. And definitely love that cartoon!!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to go to the Celebrations that will be in St. Louis. Not sure yet, but hoping! Love your little pinkeep, though I must say that it looks pretty complicated. Then again, all finishing looks complicated to me, which must be why I prefer to stitch and why I have so many stitched but UNfinished pieces in my possession. Glad you had a good time!!