Friday, May 25, 2012

Stitching Update

It's been awhile since I've posted but I haven't been totally idle. At Celebration of Needlework a vendor had a whole bin of old Brightneedle charts, and I picked up this one. I've stitched it for a therapist friend of mine; I thought the sentiment was perfect.

Let Wisdom Flower
Belfast Country Cream / WDW

I also stitched my first Lizzie Kate design, and enjoyed it so much I bought another one (Talk Less, Say More). Unfortunately I don't like the other two designs in the series - I don't particularly want to stitch the words Whine and Hate. So I'll just do two out of the four.

Fear Less, Hope More
Lizzie Kate
Cashel Mocha

Finally, I framed the Thomas Jefferson quote that I made for another friend. It always feels so good to finish a finish!

Jefferson's Book Quote
Barbara Bangser
18 count Charles Craft Aida

Now I'm working on a fairly new Silver Creek Samplers design. DS and I are going to Lake George for the holiday weekend and I'm looking forward to stitching by the water. Have a great weekend!


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely finishes.

Sally said...

Beautiful stitching Michele :)

Carol said...

That is a perfect piece for your therapist friend, Michelle. How nice that you were able to grab this old design...

Love the little LK finish, too--such pretty colors she's used in the design, and your friend will love her TJ piece :)

Hope you and your family enjoy a lovely, long weekend...I just love stitching by a lake!

Yana Hanim said...

all of them are so lovely, the first two are so inspiring but my favorite is the book one. I wish I can get that pattern one day and make one for myself :)

Chris said...

Wonderful finishes!
Have a great time at Lake George!

Lei said...

I love the Brightneedle and LK designs that you chose. Your stitching is beautiful. I hope that you were able to get in some good stitching over the holiday weekend.